Message from the U.S. ambassador

General Order Number 3

June 19th, 1865

1865年6月19日 アメリカ合衆国一般命令第3号の冒頭文

The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with the proclamation

from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free.

Legacy Foundation Japan will be hosting its second Annual Gala, a night that celebrates Juneteenth and the African American journey throughout History. Celebrating June 19th serves to commemorate the contributions and rich traditions of African Americans to America, Japan and the world. Despite the adversity and oppression faced, with love, support, courage and determination the community continues to stand strong and persevere. Therefore for Juneteenth, this momentous moment in time, here in Japan we will tell the story, remember the struggle and celebrate the achievements of Black people.


The Juneteenth Gala will open with a cocktail hour where attendees will be greeted to a visual exhibition that walks through the African American journey from Africa to slavery, Jim Crow, the Civil Rights movement to present day movements and achievements as well as take a look at our hopes and dreams for the future. Dinner deep rooted in Southern traditions will take our palates on a culinary journey, as we enjoy a night accompanied with live music, entertainment, strong history, dancing and fun. The purpose for the Juneteenth Gala is to celebrate African American achievements and to increase diversity, understanding and awareness for the African diaspora in Japan. We hope you join us, Legacy Foundation Japan, as we celebrate, support, educate and strengthen our community and partnerships.



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