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Legacy Foundation Japan Juneteenth Seeds of Hope Recap Video

Legacy Foundation Japan Juneteenth Seeds of Hope Recap Video

Enjoy a view of how The Foundation and our community celebrated Juneteenth in Tokyo, as well as the beginning of the Seeds of Hope initiative.
We were blessed to invite Coahoma Community College Choir from Clarksdale, Mississippi to experience life for African Americans outside of the countries borders.

Black in Japan

Black in Japan Rachel and Jun are an American/Japanese married couple who have a popular YouTube channel that focuses on life in Japan and the perspectives of Japenese and Western people who [...]

Working in a US company in Japan

Working in a US company in Japan The Kurly in Kansai ladies - Alyse and Ayana - bring on a guest speaker, Nache, to share, "how she got her job [at a US company in Japan], [...]

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A Threat to Justice Everywhere

For the past year, Asian-Americans have been living in a state of terror, the victims of hate crimes all over the US. Many will say the rise in these attacks is attributable to the racist and xenophobic rhetoric spewed by former president Trump and exacerbated by his persistence in racializing the Coronavirus—a virus responsible for hundreds of thousands of American deaths. He did this using phrases like “China Virus” and “Kung-Flu” in his statements and speeches. By assigning blame for the creation and spread of this deadly disease to China, what Trump did was effectively condemn anyone that can even be remotely associated with China. In America, that means virtually all people of Asian descent.

Thus, guilty by racial resemblance, are people from nations as diverse as Korea, The Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and even Japan. Trump’s allusions have led to people from these Asian countries, as well as Asian-Americans, being spat on, accosted, bullied and outright assaulted in the streets. According to an Ipsos survey conducted in 2020, more than 30% of Americans have witnessed someone blaming people of Asian descent for the coronavirus.

By Baye McNeil