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Publishing In Japan with Baye McNeil & Ayanna Coleman

This two-part event will give you a taste of both self-publishing and traditional publishing.

In Part I, Baye will explain how he self-published in Japan and how he got Japanese companies to partner with him to do audiobooks for his current two books. In Part II, Ayanna will then explain the inner workings of the publishing world for attendees who are interested in going the traditional publication route.

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UMOJA: A Kwanzaa Celebration with Baye McNeil

Join Legacy Foundation Japan and special guest Baye McNeil as we celebrate Kwanzaa in 2020 on the day of “Umoja,” December 26th. All of the days of Kwanzaa are important, but the day of Umoja – the day of Unity – is necessary to celebrate this year especially, and we want to do it with our community. All participants interested in Kwanzaa, whether newly informed about the holiday or veteran participants, are welcome to this virtual celebration!

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