Empowering the Black community to share its gifts now and for generations to come in Japan.

sound familiar?

You need information on the Black experience and resources in Japan.

You feel alone or invisible and are looking for an accepting community.

You miss having meaningful conversations and feeling safe to truly express yourself.

You’d like easy access to the many Black communities in Japan to make valuable connections.

You want to share your knowledge and resources to empower Black people to achieve success in Japan.

Your children need Black cultural awareness, love, and appreciation for their heritage while being raised in Japan.

At Legacy Foundation Japan

We know what it feels like to be outsiders, to start something new, to want to know your story and want to share it with others. We’ve walked this path. It’s a struggle to want to invest in yourself and your community and not have your community invest back in you.

We are your community and we’re here for you.

LaTonya Whitaker

Daily, I am amazed at the expertise every person involved with the Legacy Foundation showcases. From connecting individuals and companies and bringing together resources for the betterment of the Black community to creating gorgeous and uplifting content to share with the world – I couldn’t be happier to be associated with this organization and the professionals who run it.

Owner, Soul Food House

Cairo Marsh

Both leaving a legacy and living a life worthy of a legacy is important. When I was growing up, this wasn’t part of my calculus. We didn’t have anything so we didn’t think about these things. As an adult, however, it is what I work towards and the Legacy Foundation Japan is a key way that I hope to meet my personal ambition. The people involved, their passion and their integrity reflect the value of living a life worthy of a legacy. And they are passionate about doing that not just for themselves but for our entire community.

Founder and Managing Partner, relativ*

Kina Jackson

During my time in Japan, I have been involved with many Black organizations and I have experienced the strength the community holds. While other established groups have provided a range of services to the local Black community, Legacy Foundation Japan is the link between these organizations by facilitating connections and promoting unity between the existing groups. The breadth and depth of the Legacy Foundation Japan is poised to elevate our profile as a people and highlight the positive contributions we make in Japan.

Co-founder, Gochiso

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