Quiet Flame Productions

We are Tokyo’s premiere institution for English language training in physical performance for film, stage, television, and every day life.

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Quiet Flame Productions was founded by Chuck Johnson, one of Japan's first foreign stuntmen and an international film industry veteran of over 18 years. Heavily influenced by almost 30 years of martial arts experience, Chuck founded Quiet Flame in principles he learned from martial arts: discipline, patience, hard work ethics, adaptability, and a continual drive for balance, mastery and perfection. Through our martial arts and actor's training program, our focus is not just on helping people to move better, but to help them to become better people as well; in both their film industry careers and in their daily lives as well. Quiet Flame Productions is an actor's training institution with an emphasis on building the skills necessary for the world of international action cinema. We offer our students a wide variety of training to increase their physicality, self confidence in movement, and sense of their own bodies. Within our menu, students can chose their own path and specializations to find what works best for them, while still always having the option explore other kinds of movement as well. While our focus is on actor's training, the skills gained through this process translate into everything from better self presentation skills to assertive communication. While our instructors are bi-lingual, in order to keep the focus on an international environment, all of our training is conducted in English, welcoming people from all over the world, in addition to Japanese students who want to gain experience working, and training in a western/English-speaking environment.   For more information visit our website.

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