Quantifying & Monetizing Your Skills

Brought to you by Legacy Foundation Japan and Raymond Lim, Director of Rayann Capital, we invite you to invest in your success in January and join us in learning the fundamentals of legal and financial literacy along with exploring successful business models that could be just what you need to start your next project. 


Pour Noir: Wine So Serious?

Newbies and wine aficionados alike will learn and enjoy the antics and inspirational information from two New Zealand Wine experts with the Legacy Foundation Japan community. Make your Friday night memorable with a 5-wine tasting and delicious appetizer accompaniments...and a chance to win a bottle of excellent wine to take home!


Publishing In Japan with Baye McNeil & Ayanna Coleman

This two-part event will give you a taste of both self-publishing and traditional publishing.

In Part I, Baye will explain how he self-published in Japan and how he got Japanese companies to partner with him to do audiobooks for his current two books. In Part II, Ayanna will then explain the inner workings of the publishing world for attendees who are interested in going the traditional publication route.

¥1500 – ¥3000

Healing from workplace hurt

Too many negative work experiences left unchecked can do some severe damage over time. That’s why the Legacy Foundation Japan is hosting a virtual meeting with Dr Ashley Dash, Certified Job and Career and Development Coach and Job and Career and Transition Coach.


Maximizing Your LinkedIn Profile with Dr. Ashley Dash

You probably have a LinkedIn profile, but are you making the most of it? If you’re looking to improve your profile so that it gets noticed by the right people, career expert Dr. Ashley Dash is presenting the “Maximizing Your LinkedIn Profile Seminar” hosted by the Legacy Foundation Japan.


Let’s Talk About It: Healing Work Hurt

Event Description Join Legacy Foundation Japan as we host the amazing Dr. Ashley Dash. Healing Work-Hurt™: 5 Proven Strategies to Ditch Doubt, Rebuild Confidence, and Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed in the Office In this session individuals will learn: • To identify the factors of burnout and address them BEFORE anything bad happens • How to embrace […]